Aug. 22, 2012

Life with teens...

Laurence worked until 8:30 tonight, and so I met him in Second Cup. We sat and chatted and he told me about his shift and his afternoon at the twins house.  

Luckily I have been busy this week so it hasn't been as bad as I expected with my youngest three not here - I think if I was just at home it would feel horrible, but I am so rarely there now and always seem to have so much to do!  Still, its nice to get texts from Susannah while she is at camp.  Last night she sent me this to tell me about how much fun she is having with friends from her cabin:

And tonight she sent me a LONG text about pranking the boys and then the boys pranking them back and how they are planning on stealing and hiding all the boys shoes tonight!  She is having soooo much fun :)  

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