Aug. 22, 2012

My Swans...

A girl I chat with on Instagram had asked me to share some pictures of my swan collection.  I finally got around to taking a few today.  I have been collecting Swans for about 18 months - it started with one little swan that my Mom gave me - it had been my Grandparents.  

Swans are one of few animals that often mate for life.  They find a partner and stay with that partner until they die - and often if their mate dies, they will pine away.  

I decided to collect Swans because it gives me something to hunt for when I'm in Antiques fairs or thrift stores....but I had a few rules for myself!!  I would not spend more than $10 on a swan.  Most of my swans are around $3 each.  I would buy them all myself - and enjoy the hunt for them.  This isn't the kind of collection where I want swans as gifts or for people to find them FOR me.

 I would ONLY buy single swans - no pairs or sets or anything that comes with two.  Single swans ONLY....until I am in a serious committed relationship.

Of course right now I'm not interested in a relationship lol - and don't see me wanting one for a long time....BUT if the time comes when I meet someone I want to be with, THEN I will complete my collection with a PAIR of swans :)  

I think I have over 30 now.....I don't go out of my way to collect them, but once you start noticing them, you realize that swans are EVERYWHERE - all colours and sizes!!  

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