Mar. 24, 2013

Snapshots from my week....

A quiet house all to myself on Friday night - bliss!  I sat by the fire and worked in my art journal on the classes I am taking...

Cat, dog and boy - my mornings :)  

Working in my 'Spirits of Joy' journal for my online class:

Snuggles - oh Sam sure does love Itty Bitty Kitty!

Making mini jars of rainbows:  

Decorating for Easter:

Coffee in bed in the morning - from my Truthteller mug:

Icicles - we had some amazing ones yesterday - such a shame Sam missed them!

Building forts with pillows and blankets on my bed:

The morning after the snow storm:

Trying on party hats with Susannah in the dollar store yesterday:

A belated birthday gift from my friend C on Friday:

Abby in her new apron that C made for her, for her birthday:

Rainbow jars:

Decorating for Spring:

The books we were all reading this week:  Mine was the John Green, Abby is reading Evermore, I was reading the pirate book to Sam, and Susannah was reading the new Clockwork Princess.

A lovely surprise on my doorstep on Wednesday from my good friend S.  scones, granola and magazines to celebrate the first day of Spring.  I have such amazing friends xx

Yummy beef in red wine:

My crazy cat sits like this to watch the fish:

Friday afternoon sitting in Second Cup:  

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