Jan. 21, 2013

Blue Monday...

So, today is called Blue Monday - and is said to be the most depressing day of the year (although it seems that was proclaimed by a pseudopsych for the benefit of a travel company)

My day so far isn't going too badly :)

I was up early and drove Susannah to the bus stop.  It had snowed all night and has continued to snow. Thankfully the roads were fine though.

When I got home I sat with sammy for a bit and then decided it was chilly so I lit the fire:

Sam loved curling up with his blanket by the fire watching cartoons:

As did Rosie:

I cleaned the bathroom, showered, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen and got things out of the freezer for tonights supper (making shepherds pie).  Now I am off to wash the floors and then Abby has French class - Laurence had an exam this morning and will be home shortly - not sure what we will do while Abigail is at French...then tonight after supper, we will be watching the last of the Greys Anatomy episodes.....it's been so good - sad it's over.  Roll on September!  lol :)  

I hope your Monday isn't too blue!!  :)  

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