Jan. 1, 2013

New Years Day.....2013

The teens went to sleep VERY late - I told them at 3am it was time for sleep - but at 4am some of them were hungry and went back downstairs for something to eat - which was fine - it didn't wake me up.  It did mean that today was a VERY lazy day - they didn't wake up until after noon.  Abigail and I were up though - I let Rosie out and made a coffee.  When the teens were up Abigail made cinnamon twists for everyone.  Then around 2pm we headed out to take them all home - and Rosie came with us - so on the way home we stopped at the dog park for a nice walk and for some fresh air.

Someone had changed the letters on the sign there and it was quite funny:

Oh and this morning Abigail came in to my room like this and holding a sword - she said she was a 'stylish assassin' :)  

I added some more to my current doodle this morning.  I'm really enjoying how relaxing it is:

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