Oct. 17, 2012

Today I....

Today I went - to Kidz Quarterz with friends 

Today I hoped - I wouldn't be late to this mornings lesson (I wasn't) and that I wouldn't get a migraine from rushing about (I didn't).

Today I dreamed - of owning horses :)

Today I forgot - where I had put my keys again and we searched for a good ten minutes before we found them!

Today I heard - 'Thank you' in Ethiopian and 'porcupine' in German :)

Today I said - thank you to Trina for making Abigail so happy :)

Today I read - several sentences on a translation app - and also a web page about seal flipper pie :)

Today I watched - Abigail gain confidence on her horse during her first riding lesson :)

Today I believed - that my house would smell amazing when I got home and it did :)

Today I felt - tired from lack of sleep due to last nights wind storm

Today I wondered - how things would go in a certain meeting today.

Today I ate - two bowls of my fabulous beef stew from the crockpot.

Today I bought - coffees at Kidz Quarterz

Today I cleaned - the kitchen.  I wasn't home to do much more but DID clean a lot yesterday.

Today I was me :)
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