Jan. 14, 2013

A day at home - so rare!

It was snowing when I woke up to take Susannah to the bus - the drive there wasn't so bad, but coming back was horrible and I chose to get off the highway and drive through town.  Visibility on the highway was REALLY poor.

I got a text when I got home, from Susannah saying her bus had slid into a ditch and was almost on its side.  She was shaken up but ok - everyone was ok :)  

They had to evacuate the bus and a new bus was sent out to them.

Susannah was nervous on the rest of the journey - and again on the way home but all was well.

Laurence also slipped on the snow - and banged his head!  Thankfully he too was fine - and he was able to make it to school for his first diploma exam!  

Once I was home I decided to stay home for the day - it snowed all day long and was very pretty - and cosy here.  We got a lot done and enjoyed our quiet day :)  

Rosie very much enjoyed the snow:


and having us home with her all day:

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