Oct. 26, 2012

snapshots from the last few days.....

Banana after horse riding while we were having lunch on Wednesday.  It was so funny as the old lady in Timmy's was talking to Abigail like she was stupid....she made Abigail count the cups as she put them on the tray and was telling her what a 'big girl' she was being helping Mommy!!  Hahaha  Abby just looked at me and I was laughing...and Abby was telling me how crazy the old was!!  Actually she WAS - even the other staff were rolling their eyes at her and she was saying all kinds of strange things! She yells at customers and puts her hand up to stop you...and you ask for something and she says 'I'm not going to give you that, but instead I will give you this...' and she is too scary to argue with hahahaha!

Then when we were eating she came over and picked up the trays and complained that there were enough trays to feed a country...there were TWO!!!  hahahaha!!  And she had given them to us!!!  omg!  soooo funny!

New art work I am working on:

My friends had some new arrivals this week - 5 baby pot bellied pigs!!  Soooo cute!!

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