Oct. 26, 2012

Homeschoolers Halloween Party

Last night we went to our evening homeschool group for the Halloween party.  Wow it was so great!  Kelly and Dave put so much effort in!!!  My two had a fabulous time.  There were different activity centres around the room and the children were put into pairs and took turns to do all the activities.  There was pumpkin bowling, ball toss, bobbing for donuts and competing to eat their donut the fastest without using hands :)  There was a 'feely box' where they had to put their hands in and guess what was in the box (spaghetti, and various gummy body parts lol) , treat bag decorating and pin the tail on the cat :)  

They played a game of good old fashioned Musical Chairs :)

Then at the end they all got to line up and have their treat bags filled with treats :)  They ended the night playing 'Whats the Time Mr Wolf' :)

It was a great night - even the parents were dressed up :)

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