Aug. 26, 2012

Snapshots from my Saturday....

Tonights sunset:

I was ill today so soaked in the bath for a while and watched 'Life Unexpected' on Netflix.  Susannah brought me an ice cream.  If you haven't seen 'Life Unexpected' then I totally recommend it!  Fabulous show!  I have only watched the season pilot and episode one today - bawled through episode one!  Tara has recommended it a while ago and she said she bawled too!  It's basically about a teenaged girl who has been in 7 different foster homes - she finds her birth parents but their lives are still quite a mess really - and although they want her in their life, they struggle with getting their act together.  

Rosie has been my shadow for the last day or so....she literally won't leave my side, and keeps sitting too close and staring at me - it's as if she wanted to tell me something but couldn't.  It was constant and really strange!  This morning I suddenly threw up my morning coffee - and since then she has been much better - so I guess she knew I was sick before I did!!  Yesterday I felt achey and my head was heavy but I didn't feel sick.  Strange!!  

My scarlet honeysuckle didn't do so great this year - until NOW - which surprised me as they have had a lot of rain and sunshine here.

The kids are FASCINATED by this little guy - he is living outside the front door and they love watching him feed and wrap up flies in webbing etc etc....the big ball thing on his back - is that his abdomen??  I don't know - it's HUGE - like abnormally huge!  It's a type of Orb weaver.  Gross - but interesting lol!!

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