Aug. 26, 2012

My boy :(

Yesterday I had Sam with me for a few hours - to give Lloyd a chance to work on his relationship with Abigail.  They haven't had a good week and I have had several heart-wrenching calls and messages from a VERY unhappy and distressed little girl :(  

Poor Sam wasn't feeling to well though - he was sooooo quiet and had a bad sore throat.  Luckily I had some throat sweets and meds in the house which helped a bit.  We hung out at home for a bit, while Laurence drove his friend back to Tofield.  Sam looked at his sunflowers and peas, and we played a game of Othello - he beat me!!!  Sigh.....

Then we headed in to town and met up with some friends at Kidz Quarterz.  I got to chat with Tracy for a while, Laurence bonded with her husband over used cars (lol) and Sam played with Tracy's youngest two.....

We saw more friends as we were leaving which was nice :)  

Once we got outside and into the car though, Sams meds were wearing off and he was quite tearful.  I checked Lloyd was home and took him home earlier than planned because I felt he needed to just have a nap or flop on the sofa for a while.  

It was lovely to have my boy back home and with me - where he belongs - even if just for a few hours, but was hard to see him feeling so bad.  He really goes down hill fast when he is sick - he doesn't eat and is always so quiet :(  

Roll on Sunday when Sam and Abby are home again :)  It's been a long week without them!

It was lovely to have time with Laurence - we don't get to have one on one time very often - but having just one child is sooooooo QUIET - I much prefer when my life is busy and filled with noise :)

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