Dec. 28, 2012

An evening downtown.....

Last night was the Servus Credit Union community night at the AGA (Alberta Gallery of Art).
This means that for 3 hours each month there is free entrance to the art gallery and all of it's exhibits.

Susannah and I made the most of the free evening and had a stroll around.  
I wasn't too impressed with the exhibits BUT it was something to do - and people watching in an art gallery is always interesting - there were some really pompous pricks there :) So funny listening to people discuss some of the pieces of art :)  

We sat and had coffee for a while too:

I do like this art piece and was happy that when I went to take the picture there was no one around :)  

After the art gallery we took a drive around the Legislature grounds and a stroll slowly back to the car downtown to snap some pictures:

Seeing the ice rink outside city hall reminded me of days not too long ago when Sam and Abby were splashing in the fountains here.  I love how Edmonton makes the most of every season:

The pyramids of the Muttart are all lit up again and they change colour:

Then we came home and watched August Rush which was a fantastic film - except for the ending which was a huge disappointment, and seemed 'rushed' - no pun intended lol!

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