Dec. 28, 2012

A visit to Notre Dame Cathedral :)

Today started with a beautiful wintery sunrise:

We got up fairly early and headed in to Edmonton for the first day of the Duchess Bakeshop Provisions store sale.  Hoping to get some supplies for Laurence - however the sale was pretty useless - just a small discount on Christmas treats - none on actual baking after a quick look round we headed next door to the actual bakery.  It was Susannahs first visit,  but it was also VERY busy - we had to wait for a table, but the guy who gave us his table also walked across the store and got an extra chair for us which was really nice of him :)  

I chose a Champagne and Pomegranate mousse.  It was AMAZING.  The tiny macaroon was sitting on a square of thin white chocolate:

Susannah chose a chocolate croissant and Laurence had a lemon tart.  

On the way out we stopped by the window to see the HUGE gingerbread house - a model of Notre Dame Cathedral.  It took 300 hours to make!  

The sugar glass windows were stunning:


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