Dec. 30, 2012

An evening at the Legislature Grounds....

Yesterday we picked Abby up from her Dads and headed to the Legislature Grounds for some ice skating and to see the lights.  We purposely went when it was still light, so that I could snap some snow pictures, and stayed until after dark to enjoy the lights.  It was lovely to see Abigail :)  

I was planning to skate, but it turns out that Abigail doesn't have skates at her dads house any more as he doesnt take them skating now - so I gave her my skates to wear, and I sat and watched - and walked around to take pictures!  Good job I have the same sized feet as my 11 year old :)  We filled up the flask/ thermos with hot chocolate so that we could warm ourselves up - it was yummy!  

We stopped off for supper afterwards before taking Abigail back to her Dads house - but a couple of hours later we got a phone call from her in tears asking to come home - two weeks away was just too long - so her Dad brought her back to me :)  

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