Sep. 26, 2012

Snapshots from the last few days...

On Sunday I ended up with a migraine and was sick for a few hours.  Thankfully by mid afternoon I was feeling up to going out - we went to Katies Crossing for ice cream :)
Then we went to Broadmoor Lake for a lovely walk - hence the Fall colour pictures I posted earlier.

Satuday night Laurence had a party with his friends to celebrate living in Canada for ten years:

Abby chatting with me the other night:

Monday I had two dates in one night - one with a man and one with a woman (the fabulous Sharon).  With Sharon I had this yummy Mile-High dessert:

Yesterday morning I had an Eggo waffle (I like them plain) 
and I noticed mine had a tiny heart in it:

Yesterday morning we had homeschool gymnastics with friends:

Afterwards we made the most of the great weather and went to the park for a couple of hours.  I ran in to some old friends which was really nice :)

In the evening Susannah and I had to run to Dollarama to get supplies for her science project, and also to Stupidstore to get groceries:

We had fun looking at (playing with) all the Halloween decorations.  Some were really scary and made us jump as they were loud or moved!!  :)

Susannah made chocolate croissants yesterday after school:

Today we are having a quiet day at home and then I have a date tonight with friends
 followed by a meeting:

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