Jan. 9, 2013

Monday - Samlol turns 8 :)

Samuel (who has now changed his name to Samlol) celebrated his 8th birthday on Monday.  He was up in time to open his gifts before Laurence left for school - although I had already taken Susannah.  

He is so happy to be 8.  He can now get the grown up wrist band at the swimming pool and doesn't have to stay with me the whole time :)  

He finally got the rock tumbler that he had wanted for a long while:

And he got the pogo stick he was excited to have :)  
One very happy boy!  

He got play foam too and we sat and made shapes together for a while.  Abigail didn't sleep well, so she went back to bed for a sleep until lunch time - which gave me a whole morning to play with Sam:

Sam got to choose where we went for dinner - at first he picked soda jerks - and then at the last minute he decided he just wanted to go to Boston Pizza - so that is what we did:

When it was time for dessert, the servers all came out singing to Sam - he loved it:

During the day we went to the library and Abby picked these books as she is currently obsessed with making things for her doll:

Abby got herself a new hat too:

Mondays bedtime story:

I think he had a fun birthday - and his party is on Saturday with all his friends :)  

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