Jan. 6, 2013

Last day of 7 :)

Today was Sams last day of being 7.  Tomorrow my youngest will turn 8 years old.
We had a lovely relaxing day, I finally got the last of the Christmas decorations put away and the house is back to normal - I will miss sitting in the glow of the Christmas lights, but it is nice to have so much space again :)  

We had a big roast dinner tonight, with Christmas crackers (used up the last ones) and Christmas pudding.  Then afterwards Sam roasted marshmallows on the fire while we all watched three episodes of Greys Anatomy :)  

It snowed this morning, but not too much - just enough to need to shovel - but it was easy and quick to do - Laurence did half and I did he other half - and Rosie stayed outside with us and played in the snow while we shovelled :)  

Back to school tomorrow - and back to French for Abigail.  I get my birthday boy for 2 hours to myself - and then tomorrow evening we have supper out at Sams choice of restaurant - his party is on Saturday.   

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