Jan. 6, 2013


Abby and Sam went for a playdate at their friends house today.  Sam and his friend C spent a while outside digging and building in the snow - my friend J posted this on FB - love how the boys are so engrossed in their work:

While they were gone, Susannah and I did a few things around town for Sams birthday on Monday.  He is going to be eight!!  We also took all the cardboard from moving house/ Christmas to the recycle centre.  Then a quick trip to Best Buy and Walmart.  

Sam was a bit tired when he got back so he curled up with Lily:

Lily also kept me company for a bit while I was in the bath:

I hda a wonderful confetti bubble bath using the confetti my Mom and Dad sent over for Christmas:

This evening the children and I watched Mrs Doubtfire.  They hadn't seen it before.
There was a lot of laughing, so I am guessing they enjoyed it :)  

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