Jan. 6, 2013

Art day with friends...

Yesterday (Friday) I had some friends over for a playdate/ art day.  I set up tables in the family room and people could work on their own projects or art journal...or just have fun creating using my art supplies.  Everyone brought snacks to share and the kids had a blast playing - and heading outside for ice skating and playing in the snow.  

It was a great day and I am planning on doing this once or twice a month - the next one is a Chinese New Year themed craft day to go with some of the Chinese themed field trips I have planned!  

In the evening, Abigail continued with the art theme - and she made some miniature pencils for her dolls.  She has since made a backpack from duct tape following an online tutorial - and a pencil case, laptop, candy bar and miniature copy of Twilight!  :)  So proud :)  

I packed away all the Christmas decorations - still have to get them to the basement but one step closer :)  

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