Dec. 13, 2012

12:12pm on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th :)

Had to capture this moment:

It snowed beautiful big fluffy flakes almost all day - just gentle snowfall and soooo pretty.  These flakes were by my truck window so I snapped some pictures.  Snoe flakes are so tiny and perfect and so very beautiful:

The sun starting to set when I picked Susannah up from her bus stop yesterday:

Abigail is starting a new blog - so write down and photograph all her recipes and cooking practice.  She took some recipe books out of the library and wants to do a kids version of Julie and Julia.  Yesterday she made a recipe from one of the books, called Norwegian pancakes.  They were INCREDIBLE!!!  I can't put into words how good these were!!!!  WOW!!!!!  She is an amazing little chef!

I noticed Sam had sorted his cars out beside the bed - couldnt resist taking a picture of his little parking lot - all sorted into lines and colours:

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