Dec. 13, 2012

First Annual Unchristmas party :)

This afternoon was the 'UnChristmas' party' that my friend J had organized - it started with sledding at Broadmoor Lake - everyone had to wear tacky/ tasteless clothing - and T brought a big bag of clown wigs and everyone wore one during the sledding!!!  
Sadly I wasn't back from downtown for the sledding, but we made it to the actual 'party' part at J's house.  We had planned a 'tacky gift exchange' and that was soooo much fun - the adults went first and we were each given a number - you got to pick one of the gifts from the centre of the room OR you could 'steal' someone elses gift!!  

I will photograph the advent centrepiece that I won tomorrow :)  

The kids then did their exchange - and they had a lot of fun 'stealing' gifts from each other - very cute!!  

Before we left, us Moms had some group pics taken in our amazing wigs :)  

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