Oct. 7, 2012

Cleaning out my phone photo folder....

I tidied up my photo folder on my phone last night, and so these are just some pictures that I saved onto my computer:

Sam and Abby in the Fall leaves at Strathcona Wilderness Centre:

Abigail at Katies Crossing on Friday:

Abby with the cemetery kitty cat.  Abby loves animals sooooo much:

Up close and personal with a parked train near Katies Crossing:

We met some homeschooling friends at Katies Crossing on Friday - so much fun - and we all went up t the bridge to 'feel' the train go by and to squash pennies:

Abby at Katies Crossing:

Sam and his friend C at Katies Crossing:

Two Fall pictures of Susannah:

Friends at Katies Crossing - and Sam is sitting the way he is because he split his pants from jumping and had a BIG hole hahahaha:

Abby at Katies Crossing:

At Edmonton Aviation Museum in August:

Abby in her lovely new hat and with her new earrings - cuddling the cemetery cat:

Experiencing a train go by UP CLOSE!!  The ground shook :)

Love these funny pics of my boy:

Fabulous friends at Elk Island Park:

Homeschool afternoon and scavenger hunt at Elk Island Park.  So much fun:

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