Oct. 7, 2012

An afternoon on Whyte...

Susannah asked if we could go to Whyte Ave this weekend and to Fuss Cupcakes, so we decided to go yesterday and enjoy the farmers market too:

You really can't tell QUITE how huge this pumpkin is from this picture, but it was ENORMOUS!!!

At Fuss Cupcakes I had one of their monthly specials - a pumpkin spice.  It was INCREDIBLE!!

Susannah had a 'Soul Mate' and I had one of their fabulous latte's too:

Fuss Cupcakes window for October:

We tried new things at Going Nuts this time - Susannah had some chili flavoured pumpkin seeds, and I had these lemon and ginger almonds...both are really good!!

After Whyte Ave we drove out and picked up Susies friend and then the three of us headed to the movies to watch 'Pitch Perfect' :)  We stopped off at Timmys on the way home from the movies as I wanted some steeped tea...then home and bed :)  

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