Oct. 7, 2012

Sunday on Whyte....

I do love Whyte Ave soooo much :)  The atmosphere, the stores, the sidewalks...the food places and coffee shops, people watching...the studenty/ artsy/ crunchy relaxed atmosphere.

It was REALLY quiet today despite the weather being nice.  I guess because it was Thanksgiving Sunday....but it was nie being the only car in the parking lot :)  

Lunch at Naanolicious on Whyte.  It was Laurences first time here.  They sell East Indian street food and it's amazing!  So cheap too!  It's like really good snack food!  Naan bread stuffed with whatever you choose and served like a panini!!  Yum!  

Laurence chose a raspberry flavoured cupcake at Fuss Cupcakes today.
We went to get some pumpkin ones for Thanksgiving, but they had sold out :(  

We spotted this new trash compactor on Whyte today - it is solar powered!!
Love it!!!  

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