Aug. 25, 2012

Duchess Bake Shop.....

One of my goals this Summer was to FINALLY make it to the Duchess Bake Shop, to try their French Macaroons - one of the only places in Edmonton you can buy them without ordering online!!

I do want to take Abigail there one day for a girls afternoon out - maybe this week....but I wanted to be sure to get there AND I wanted Laurence to go there to see the cafe as he is planning to become a pastry chef and if he studies in Edmonton, he will need to do work experience somewhere.

He is also keen to run his own coffee shop/ bakery - so it was very interesting to see his thoughts on Duchess. It isn't the style of cafe he wants to run - BUT he does want to bake his own products in-store, so it was good to go there!!!

There were good things and bad things about Duchess.  I wasn't overly impressed - with the food or the cafe - BUT it is somewhere that feels kind of special and a bit of a treat compared to somewhere like Cafe Haven - which is more your every day kind of coffee place.  

The coffee was great - although not as good as Fuss Cupcakes coffee which is still my favourite :)

The Macaroons are tiny - I had never seen them before, so expected them to be more your average cookie size!!  No - they are bite size!!  To be honest apart from the cream inside - which is the most incredibly light and silky cream, they were over-priced undercooked chewy meringues!  

Still, I am really pleased we went - we had a lovely visit and got to chat about Laurences future plans a lot - AND I got to buy some macaroons to photograph :)  

I am looking forward to taking Abigail there soon :)  

Laurence bought this cake - which was covered in a very thin marzipan fondant and filled with a jam sponge and the lightest, fluffiest cream EVER!!  Laurence needs to work there to learn about the cream!!  :)  

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