Aug. 20, 2012

Summer camp :)

Yesterday we took Susannah to her Summer Camp.  This is about her 5th year there I think!  She always has such an amazing time.  

She was put into the cabin with the oldest girls there - which made her really happy!  We took her in and she chose the bed she wanted - and met her cabin leaders, who were really friendly :)  
We got her registered and went down to the main lodge for a drink, then she said she was going to go back to her cabin and get to know the other girls as they arrived.  

Abigail helping her big Sis get her bed sorted.  Abigail was at the same camp at the
 beginning of Summer:

The zipline tower:

Heading back up to the cabin after having a drink at the main lodge:

Sibling love - saying goodbye to each other:

Gawd I have amazing kids :)  

Abby and Sam headed off to their Dads for the week a few hours later.
Miss them all so much.

And it sounds like Susannah is MISERABLE there.  Huh??  lol:

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