Sep. 6, 2012

A new school year has begun.  Susannah and Laurence are getting used to their change of timetables. new teachers etc etc....Sam, Abby and I are getting used to the quiet at the house.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with friends at the skateboard park - bikes, scooters, skateboards etc and also games/ toys for those who want to do something different - and some adult BMX'ers are coming to show us their skills I believe!  

Apart from that we have to go and book several classes and also head to the library.  

Have to go to the Registry with Laurence too, to get his car stuff sorted - and then head in to Edmonton to pick his car up!  

Busy busy busy :)  

A very tired looking Sammy - up early yesterday to drive Laurence to school - even though I was in sweats and had wet hair from the shower, they persuaded me to take them to McD's for breakfast to celebrate first day of school/ NOT back to school:

Abby playing with her hair after her shower:

Day 4 of 29 faces in September:

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