Sep. 14, 2012

Friday happenings....

Our plans changed today and we ended up having to run into town for some errands - so we headed to the skateboard park again.  J and her family were there, and my friend T joined us - and then C came and joined us too!  So the kids had a blast there YET AGAIN :)  

Weather was incredible - I think it got to 27c at one point!!  

One of the things we had to do was take a truck load of 'stuff' to the thrift store, to get it out of the house!  I am being ruthless but it feels good :)  

This Jack rabbit was sitting outside the thrift store:

Tonight Susannah and I went in to Chapters as she finished the book she was reading but there are 14 people in front of her for the next one - so we bought it instead!  Then she was thrilled when I told her the movie of the book comes out in 2014 :)  

She owed me (lol) so she washed the truck windows when we stopped for gas:

The sunset behind downtown was gorgeous, but we couldn't get a good picture of it sadly:

Laurence had a friend over for the evening and has now headed in to town for the night - he is loving the independence that comes from having his own car :)

Abby and Sam have gone to their Dads for the weekend.  She ran back in before they left and gave me this carrot she had grown there :)

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