Sep. 19, 2012

Lost in the Woods....

This morning we drove out to the Wilderness centre, where Sam took part in 
a class called 'Lost in the Woods'.This class was for younger children and taught them how to survive if they get lost in the wilds.  It began with a story being read to them about a boy who wanders too far from his campsite.  Then we headed out on to the trails for the practical part of the class.  
The children were taught how to stay warm and dry, how to get a drink when away from a water source, how to make yourself visible to a helicopter.  How and when to blow a whistle.  They were also taught about SOS and they collected sticks to spell out SOS in big letters in an open area so that it could be seen from above.  

They were also shown what to keep in your backpack and why.  I think we all learned a few things - like the fact that the yellow dust from Trembling Aspens works as sun protection!!

We were shown this bird box and it was explained that it is a DUCK box!!!  :)  They nest above the ground and then the baby ducks almost 'float' down from it when the time comes to leave the next - their feathers are so 'poofy' they work almost like a parachute :)  

Each child was given an emergency kit to keep in their bags which contains a snack, a bandaid, string, some silver paper and a garbage sack....the uses of these items was explained to them :)  

Sam loved playing in the woods before class and building a tipi style shelter:

A great class and I am so glad we signed up for it!!!  :)  

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