Sep. 28, 2012

Our Friday....

Sam was sick today with a bad cold - all snotty and heavy-headed...he had a sore throat and mouth and sore nose.  He was really fed up.  We ended up having to cancel our field trips - and we had TWO today!  The kids were sad!  We were supposed to take part in Alberta Culture days at the Jubilee Aud.  It involved the Alberta Ballet, Ukrainian dance etc etc..

Then this afternoon was the field trip I had planned - to FAVA.  Thankfully those who went said it was fabulous :)  As sad as we were to miss it, I am at least glad that the field trip I planned was a success :)  

Instead though, we had a fairly relaxed day, so Sam could recover and rest!  It was 24c yet again today and so we were outside quite a bit!  

Abigail relaxed on the lounger with her current book which she doesn't seem to want to put down - I believe they are part of a series - the same series I bought for her at the library book sale last week :)  

I sat on the deck and got artsy at the table.  I did my faces for 29 Faces in September, and then I made some paper beads, which I sprayed in a tie-dye style using Dylusions sprays.  I taught Abby how to make them too:

We ran in to town and I renewed my car registration, then we popped to Michaels and got more Modpodge - and looked for some more Tulle for Abby as she is mid way through a project but has run out!!  

We got a few groceries and then headed home...

Sam and I went for a lovely walk with Rosie, we picked leaves to modpodge for a project, we threw sticks for Rosie and watched her in the pond, and I saw Sam ride his new bike (thank you thank you thank you T - he loves it so much)

I cut off some seed pods from 'Loopy' the Lupin so we can regrow her next year in a new place :)  

All in all it was a lovely calm and quiet day.  

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