Oct. 22, 2012


Outside my window...beautiful and sunny with clear skies, but COLD - the weather network says -9c and feels like -14c!!!  Wow!!!  I hope it warms up before Halloween!!

I am thinking...that I need another coffee :)

I am thankful...for such a fun weekend with a mix of friends, family, laughter, sunshine, good food and being busy and having time to relax :)  

In the kitchen...lots of yumminess lately - and we are back eating Fall and Winter meals - hashbrown casserole, roast dinners, stews...this week they have requested home made potato and bacon soup, and today I have barbecued pulled pork in the crock pot!  

I am wearing...jeans, long sleeved T - my typical outfit :)  Not sure if I will wear a scarf or necklace yet...probably a scarf because it's so cold!!

I am creating...my Fall mini album still, which is getting nice and fat and filled with memories of the last couple of months.  I will end it mid November before the Christmas festivities start everywhere...then I will start my JYC album :)  

I am going...to take Sam to Big Al's to see the fish while Abigail is at French this afternoon.  He remembered that we were supposed to go last week and has requested we do it today :)  

I am wondering...whether we should just drive round Elk Island Park tonight or if we should get out and light a fire up in the shelter and make smores....or come home and make smores on the fire here instead.  

I am reading...all of the Soulistry work and pdf's from Book of Days that I have not had time for lately...and feeling all creative and at peace :)  Thank you Effy!!

I am looking forward to...a quiet weekend this weekend :)  

I am learning...how far I have come in the last few years :)  

One of my favorite things...reading stories to Sam and playing card games with the children or with friends :)  

A few plans for the rest of the week: French class, Elk Island Park, Telus World of Science to see the new environment room, pot luck supper to say goodbye to the German exchange students, horse riding lessons, field trip to city hall, field trip to reuse centre, Halloween party at our Thursday group, swimming, Creepy Carnival....

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