Oct. 20, 2012

Friday fun....

Yesterday our trip to the science centre was postponed until Tuesday, so we were able to go and meet our friends at the cheap theatre to see 'Brave'.  I had wanted to see it when it was in the main theatres but we didn't find the time -so it was a good chance to see it.  At 1pm in the afternoon the cheap theatre is EMPTY too :)  

The movie was fabulous - based in Scotland and a lovely story!!!  

Last nights sunset for you....

Sam went to his dads for the evening, and Abigail asked if she could stay with us as we were heading to the Haunted Hike.  We took Susannahs friend J with us.  You have to 'park and ride' on the bus now as it got too popular and they couldn't cope with all the traffic - but the bus ride actually made it fun!!

Waiting in line for the bus...

The Haunted Hike is a 'donation only' fundraiser for the Stollery Childrens Hospital.
It is a half mile walk through the woods that are filled with all kinds of scary scenes and hundreds of scary characters who jump out at you, follow you, make loud noises and generally scare the cr*p out of you lol!

There was the 'Class of 2012' Prom scene where the limousine had been in an accident and all the girls in their dresses were dead or injured...

They had a circus tent with scary clowns:

An ambulance scene but while you are looking at the body the people in the ambulance start slamming their hands on the windows loudly!

It was great fun but over too quick as we ran screaming and giggling the whole time!  

Afterwards we went to one of the Halloween stores in town.  It is really good with all kinds of buttons to press and things to stand on that make characters jump out at you or move....it was fun:

My beautiful Daughter:

We stopped off for hot chocolates before heading home and I got this CUTE Halloween box for the timbits:

Such a fun filled day :)  

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