Oct. 6, 2012

The cemetery cat....

Yesterday we walked around the local cemetery.  I had been meaning to take Abby in there for a long time, but we never seemed to find the time. It is a tiny community cemetery run by volunteers, and just celebrated it's 100th anniversary.  I had been in there before with my Nephew Daniel.

Many of the graves are those of Pioneers of the area.  The man who was working there (also a volunteer) was talking to us about the cemetery and some of the people buried there...like the man who took his daughter for ice cream and they were both killed on the way home in a crash with a hay truck :(  

While we looked around, a black and white cat started following us.  It walked in with us and then followed us around, rubbing up against the graves and then us...it was super friendly but thin and crying out.  

The man said he had never seen it before there.  Abigail was worried about the cat, so we brought it home (we live just around the corner) and she made a flyer to go on the mail box asking who had lost a cat.  

We fed it and gave it a drink - wow - I have never seen a cat eat so much!  It slept in the house and this morning has gone out - last night it went out but came back and miaowed at the door.  This morning it hasn't come back yet - so hopefully the food and drink helped and maybe it has gone home....

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