Nov. 12, 2012

A new week :)

My day started as normal...going downstairs to let Rosie out, making a coffee and siting in my big chair while I drink it :) Rosie curled up on the foot stool beside me :)  

There is no school here this week - it is Fall Break.  Laurence spent the weekend at his friends house, and Cassie spent the weekend here with us.  

Our Monday morning felt more like a Sunday, and we had a very lazy start - lounging about in front of the tv and laughing at the shows - and guessing all the answers to things on the shows...

My hallway in the new house :)
Even Cassie said that this house feels soooo homely and comfortable already :)  

Susannah told me last week thatI had made this house very homely and look lovely already :)
That was so lovely to hear :)

Rosie watched tv with us:

Cassie left around lunchtime, and then we headed out to get some groceries and to pop in to Dollarama for a few things - I spotted these gloves which made me laugh out loud:

We stopped in at Walmart for some groceries, came home and made supper...or rather Susannah made supper.  We had the rainbow pasta that we bought at the Italian Centre...we had that in a creamy herb and garlic sauce, with salad and garlic bread:

While Susannah made supper, I was busy next to her boiling sugar...I made a tray of Scottish Tablet/ fudge.  Fudge at the farmers market is yummy but soooooo expensive!!!  So I decided to get the ingredients and make some!!

And now it is evening and I'm cuddled up with Sam.  Susannah has been printing a few things and pottering about.  Abby is on the computer and I will probably play cards with Sam.  

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