Nov. 15, 2012

Hump Day Pictures :)

Apart from a run to the post office and Shoppers Drugmart, we had a day at home yesterday,
until evening that is.  In the evening Abby and Sam went to their Dads, and Susannah and I went out for coffee.  It was homeschool coffee night!  But it was a little bit special :)  Christie arrived back from the Dominican last week - they have been living there for almost two years and are back in Edmonton for a couple of months until they head off to China to live.  So we went and picked them and took them to coffee night!  Susannah sat with D and they got caught up - they are on Facebook together so have been in touch, and they had a lovely evening chatting, and Christie and I got to sit with all the other Moms - and little Mr C :)  Oh wow he has grown!!  He was just a teeny tiny baby last time I saw him!!  

There were 16 of us Moms at coffee last night in all and we were a rowdy bunch :)  Lots of laughter and chatter :)  So much fun!  I love our monthly coffee nights :)  

I came home and relaxed in my gorgeous giant bath with some candles and bubbles and my fabby book.....until I was all sleepy...and a good thing too as I was woken at 4:30 am by Rosie needing to go outside for the bathroom and then I couldn't get back to sleep as they were clearing the streets of snow outside!!  Wah!  Oh well I guess I'm up for the day - so I have made myself a coffee and have been reading my book again :)  Susannah has a doctors appointment today and tonight we are meeting friends at the farmers market and then we have our Thursday night homeschool group!!  Wow another week almost over!  Time just flies by!  

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