Nov. 26, 2012

snapshots from the last couple of days....

They finally cleared the snow from our street today - just in time for us to get a lot more snow this week!!

Abby used some of he tubes J gave me to make a fairy castle for Rapunzel:

Rosie cuddling 'Tigrey' - Sams tiger :)

This is me:

Susie and her messy bedroom.  She says it is just clothes lol:

Sam checking out the library books tonight:

We continue to read Christmas themed books:

My girly.  Love her soooo much :)  

Tattoos and teddy bears:

Tonight we headed to the library to pick up a book Susannah had ordered, look for some books I wanted, and get some books for a project Abigail wants to work on this week.  While we were there, we stopped to see the digital Christmas tree show with the 3d glasses we have.  

The glasses let you see snowmen in all the lights of the tree and wherever you look - they were so neat :)  

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