Dec. 15, 2012

Saturday on Whyte...

A lovely day - we went to the Christmas Market in Sherwood Park, and then the farmers market on Whyte Ave.  Then after our sleigh ride we stopped in at Fuss Cupcakes to celebrate National Cupcake Day :)  
We also stopped off at the British Import store to get a few treats for Christmas.  

Home and we watched a couple of movies, played Dreidel and 'Lumps' - a new dice game which is based on lumps of coal.  I also spent some time working on my JYC album.  The girls took Rosie for a walk and then Susie watched a movie while I worked on a canvas in my art room :)  (pics to follow)

Waiting for the sleigh ride:

I love the decorations all around Old Strathcona:

Old Strathcona Farmers market:

Lovely bark on this tree:

Christmas music at the farmers market:

Fuss Cupcakes:

Festive cupcakes for December. Mine was Eggnog and Rum flavour:

My girls being silly -

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