Jan. 28, 2013

Ice on Whyte - 10th Anniversary.

On Saturday we decided to make the most of the good weather, and go and check out the Ice on Whyte Festival.  We called in to the farmers market first though, where the girls got some mini doughnuts, and Sam had a caramel apple:

I was a bit disappointed at how few ice sculptures there were this year - there were a couple of snow sculptures too, but it seemed like so much emphasis was placed on the huge snow and ice slide, that they didn't add much else!  There was no ice bar for the adults like there had been at the last two ice festivals we went to.  

Abigail really enjoyed the ice slide, but had a lot more fun on the slide in the kids area - mainly because there wasn't really a line up!

I am always so amazed by ice sculptures - they really are so beautiful, but unlike glass, these won't last - a bit like cake decorators, you know you are spending all of those hours on a piece of art that will soon be demolished!

I loved the Harley Davidson carved from ice though!  Tough enough for the kids to sit on for pictures:

The AMA were sponsoring the childrens area, and they were giving away hand warmers - that was a highlight of the day for the kids I think - they loved them :)  

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