Jan. 11, 2013

swimming and swimmers...

Our day started with some language arts work at the table.  Abigail wrote a letter to her penpal, and Sam did some alphabet and word recognition work.  Sam has dyslexia, so we are working on the basics  using advice from a special needs teacher and from the book 'Overcoming Dyslexia'.  

While Sam and Abby worked, I was working in my art journal - I'm prepping a workshop on self esteem.  

We met our friends at the recreation centre just before lunch, and all went swimming! So proud to learn that one of our friends is a champion swimmer!  She was Provincial champion TWICE :)  Although now I'm thinking yikes I have to do my poor attempts at doggy paddle in front of a champion swimmer hahaha!  

Yesterday was the first day Sam was old enough to wear the grown up wrist band at the pool - now he is 8 I no longer have to always be within arms reach - he was VERY excited to have the independence to do what he wanted.  Abby and her friends went and did some lane swimming in flippers and were very happy :)  

After swimming and the hot tub, we all met up at the food court for snacks, then Abigail went home with her friends, and I took Sam into the playground for a while, before we had to head off to pick Susannah up from the bus stop!

Sam went to his dads for the evening, Laurence went to work, and Susannah and I went to the farmers market.  We met T there who had Abigail, and we also were able to get our 'market bucks' - a deal they were doing only yesterday - we were each given $5. to spend at the market last night.  I gave mine to Abigail and she chose some brownies from the cake lady there.  Susannah used hers to buy Nanaimo bars - so they were both very happy!  

Home again and Abigail spent the evening on the computer - chatting to the friend she had spent the day with via skype and using Minecraft.  Susannah and I watched more episodes of Greys Anatomy - not sure why we do because it's always sooooo sad and I spent much of the evening bawling.  

So that was my Thursday - hope yours was a good one!  :)  

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