Feb. 13, 2013

Pancake day fun :)

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday - pancake day!!

Susannah and Laurence both had pancakes at school!

We started our day off at gymnastics - 

After gymnastics we headed over to Broadmoor Lake ready for some Pancake Day FUN!!  I wanted to have my children experience a pancake race - something I remember from MY childhood in England!   So I had mentioned it to the homeschool group and invited people to join us at mid day to take part with us!  It was soooo much fun - everyone brought frying pans and pancakes - the children went first with their races....sooooo fun!!!  

Then it was time for us Moms to race!  Oh my goodness - soooo not easy to run AND flip at the same time!  But we were laughing and joking as we ran!  J was the champion runner this year :)  I came in 3rd place!

pancake tennis took place:

And the kids enjoyed time on the ice:

What a fun time - memories were definitely made :)  

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