Feb. 10, 2013


I didn't take many pictures today, just wasn't in that kind of a mood - which is rare for me.
Abby and Sam went to a birthday party at Kidz Quarterz for their friend A.  While they were there Susannah and I went and filled he truck up with gas and then did a little shopping ready for Abbys birthday this week.  

Laurence had his big competition at NAIT and it was on the CTV news too :)  
We go for a luncheon at the Shaw Conference Centre in a few weeks where we get to eat the same menu they prepared yesterday - and where the awards are given out.

We won't know the results until the actual luncheon!

The rest of my day was spent relaxing and working on a face for my 29 Faces in February challenge.

This was Saturdays face:

Filling up with gas and washing the truck windows:

Pretty oil rainbow in the parking lot:

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