Feb. 3, 2013

The Flying Canoes/ City of Light festival!!

Last night we went to the Flying Canoes Adventure Walk and City of Lights in Old Strathcona.
This Winter Festival is my new favourite I think!  It was fabulous!  We were there before 6pm and didn't leave until 9pm - but the time flew by!  
The woodland trails and paths in Mill Creek ravine were filled with lamps and lanterns, as well as people dressed up in flying canoes or wolf costumes.  They were re-enacting an old French and Native folk tale.  There was a Metis camp with bannock to make, French live music and storytelling.
Then we walked on through the woods and had a sleigh ride to La Cite Francophone where there was a big snow slide and free hot chocolate...more fire pits and a big snow table and benches, sofas, armchairs etc...
Then a sleigh ride back to the park before walking through the ravine to the parking lot!

It was a gorgeous warm evening at +2c and the lights and atmosphere were incredible :)  

can't wait to go next year!!!

Some of the lanterns threw pretty mosaic style lights all over the snow on the trails:

The sleigh ride to the Cite Francophone was VERY bumpy, so although I tried to get a great picture of K and her two boys, it was a bit of a blur:

Such pretty lanterns:

Pretty trees around the snow slide:

Two wolves coming after Abby: 

The lights in the snow were beautiful:

Deep in conversation:

Sam found a lump of snow shaped like a heart and gave it to me - he wanted a picture with it:

Making bannock:

Lovely French music while we made bannock 

People in their flying canoes in searching for the City of Light:

Lanterns made from hockey sticks:  

I love this city and how amazing it is - such a great place to live <3 p="">

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