Mar. 5, 2013

fish chaos!!

When we lived at the old house we couldn't keep fish as our water was very salted or distilled.  I always said when we moved back in to town then we could get fish, so finally this month we headed to the store to get a small tank and a couple of goldfish.  Turns out it isn't as easy to buy goldfish any more - there are rules about tank size and number of fish you can have....the first day we went the girl sold us a tiny tank and said we could set it up with the water and go back in 24 hours to get the fish we wanted.

So we went back the next day and they refused to sell us goldfish saying the tank we had was too small AND the water has to be left for three days minimum.  

I was NOT happy as the original girl knew what fish we wanted and had discussed tank size and fish with us - so I complained and the manage came over - she was very apologetic and said she would GIVE us the 10 gallon tank AND would give us the fish for free if we took the tank and then came back three days later for them!  

So we left with a free 10 gallon tank on Friday - and yesterday we went back and finally got one goldfish and three minnows.  They said the tank was STILL a bit small but should be ok so long as we don't add more fish.  

Anyway the fish seem very happy in their new tank - and Rosie and Lily are VERY interested in these new residents :)  

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