Mar. 12, 2013

Messy science fun :)

Abigail did some messy science using skittles.  First of all she learned about density columns caused by the amount of sugar in the skittles - how to create a rainbow in a glass AND how fast skittles dissolve:

She then learned that if skittles are left to soak in a bit of water - untouched - all of the colour dissolves quickly and then the tiny 's' on each skittle floats off on its own :)  

She then tried the food colouring in milk with dish soap experiment that Sam did last week:

We used this to create marbling effects on paper too:

Sam and I mixed up some flour and water, and added food colouring to it.  We then soaked cotton balls in the mixture and then baked the balls at 300c for 30 minutes.  

They come out all rock hard and crispy, they are fun to play with and smash up - the insides stay fluffy so they are very strange:  

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