Aug. 27, 2012

For today.....


Outside my is still sooooo warm.  Leaves are starting to change colour on the trees, but it is very much still Summer, with days as warm as 26c.

I am thinking...about going downstairs to make a cup of tea.  Everyone else is asleep, but I haven't had my tea yet and I really do like a cup of tea before bed :)  I guess I'm a creature of habit after all :) 

I am thankful...for the most amazing Summer - filled with wonderful memories and experiences - and sunshine that followed us everywhere :) 

In the kitchen...not too much has been happening as we have been barbecuing so much :)  I have been making plans for meals through the Fall though :)  

I am wearing... My nighty and underwear.  

I am creating...a future for my family.  I am creating several new pieces of art.  I am creating a Fall timetable filled with classes, get togethers and activities with the children.

I am be very happy to sleep in the tent this weekend.  I sleep so much better in there!  

I am wondering...if my horoscope for this week was right.  Why I am always attracted to guys who seem or ARE gay. How I got so lucky with my amazing kids :)  If I really SHOULD grow my hair long OR if I should give up and tell Amber to chop it all off again!

I am reading...a couple of books on writing for Young Adults.

I am hoping...Nadine has some good news for me this week - exciting news :)  

I am looking forward to...our weekend away camping.  Labour day weekend - camping, swimming, exploring, hiking.....and seeing my kids have a wonderful time with all that freedom :)

I am be a better Mother every day.  To know ME better every day.  My purpose - a little more every day :)

Around the's Summer, the kids are on holiday.  We are rarely at home.  

I am pondering...everything the psychic told me last week.

A favorite quote for today... Someone mentioned this quote today:  'Dreamers are the Saviours of the World' - James Allen

One of my favorite project 365 app on my phone.  and getting texts :)  

A few plans for the rest of the week: The zoo, meeting Tracy at the park, museum maybe....then heading off to Drumheller to go camping and meet up with friends...relax by the pool and generally chill out until Monday :)  I'm sure a few other things will be thrown in - like Farmers Market, taking Laurence to work, playgrounds, shopping for the weekend, bathing Rosie....

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