Aug. 27, 2012

Monday at our place.....

We were supposed to be at the zoo today, but when Susannah woke up she felt worse than she had been yesterday, so we decided to delay our trip.  Susie and Sam stayed home, and I drove Laurence in to town to his friends house as they were all going to a pool party.  

Abby and I then had a lovely afternoon of just the two of us!!  Much needed after last week!!!  We had some banking to do, and then went to Second Cup.  We sat outside with our Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Abby picked the BIGGEST ever Turtle pie!!  

We sat and chatted and then headed over to Michaels as I needed a new paint pen.  Abby found some tattoo pens so used my coupon to get them.  

After that we headed to County Clothes Line - our local thrift store.  We found the store completely empty and a sign on the door saying they had moved!  So we drove to the new address and had a look around!  Thrift stores are one of Abigails favourite ways to spend time :)  

Then some groceries and to pick up a tub of odour free garlic capsules - Susannah wants to stop her cold, and I want to make sure I don't get it!!  :)  

After that we headed home.

Once home, I decided to get some work done.  As it was such a nice day I took all my supplies outside and worked on the deck.  I added some more to the canvases I started the other day, and I started a new one too.

Abby opened her tattoo pens, and started to tattoo everyone:

I got a heart, scroll and the initials of my children:

Sam got......this:  

Then it was time to pack up and get supper started.  I barbecued again as e want to make the most of the good weather while it is here - and because the children LOVE when I make the potatoes and asparagus:

After supper I worked on a project I wanted to finish:

Then the girls watch The Hunger Games again, Sam watched The Iron Giant on my bed, and after capturing the sunset, I went and soaked in the bath and chatted to a friend:

That was my Monday!!  Hope yours was a good one!!!


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