Sep. 18, 2012

For today....

Outside My Window... it is dark - and it gets dark around 8pm now - which is hard to accept because it means Summer really is well and truly over :(  It is still warm and sunny during the day, but at night it gets very cold and we have frosts already!

I am thinking...about how to help my daughter and her relationship with her Dad....she came home in tears and distraught AGAIN tonight...I know she had a busy day and was tired, but yelling at her until she cries is NOT the answer....

I am thankful for...My relationship with my children - and how much I have learned and gained from them and with them in the last two years!  So grateful that I got the opportunity to really get to know them and grow closer to them...if I was still married then I know our relationship would NOT be the same.  So VERY grateful!!

From the schoolroom...we are having a fantastic homeschooling year so far!  Our local group is just amazingly active and we have such fab plans too!  So much growth and learning just through LIVING...Sam's time and math is just incredible...Abigails spelling and writing....So incredible to see them learning and growing so much despite not doing 'book work'...spending so much time with them and talking to them - and even just listening to them as they chat in the car or ask me questions - it's just wonderful!

I am nighty as I'm in bed.

I am creating...a fun filled and educationally rich diary for the next few months - field trips, play dates, classes, experiences.....

I am the 'Meet the Creature' night tomorrow lol - It is Susannah's school 'Meet the Teacher' barbecue and fun night - with games, music and food!  So we are all going!  :)  Even Laurence said he would come and join us :)  
I am smelling..'Earth Blends Fly Killer'  lol - an environmentally friendly fly killer :)  I sprayed a bit too much I think!  The fly died though ;)

I am hoping...for good weather until early next week at least!!  So many plans and almost all are outdoors!!

I am hearing... nothing....the fan is on I think but that is all...

One of my favorite things...seeing my youngest two asleep in the car after having fun :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Marshmallow battle at the park with 70 homeschoolers, Strathcona Wilderness centre for a survival class for Sam, a 4 hour class for just Abigail and I :)  And a family pot-luck supper/ fire on Saturday with lots of friends :)  Oh and the Fall fest at the Prairie Gardens too :)  Woot!  Great week :)  
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