Sep. 18, 2012

Thank goodness it's Tuesday :)

I am soooo tired after our busy couple of days!  So very glad it is Tuesday and I have a quiet evening.  The two little ones are off to their dads for the evening - and I plan to do not very much at all ;)  

It has been a wonderful day yet again.  
Filled with friends, fun and laughter - and sunshine thrown in too :)  

This morning we were up and out fairly early for us.  We met a group of friends at the local gymnastics drop-in session.  All the kids seemed to have a great time - enjoying making nests in the foam pit, as well as bouncing around and climbing on all of the equipment.

I have contacted the gym club to ask if they will run a Parkour class for the homeschoolers, and they are trying to figure something out with the trainers :)  They run some evening sessions, but they are very late!  I think for older teens probably too!!

It will be good to have a homeschool class set up!  

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