Sep. 16, 2012

Today I.....

Today I went to the dog park with Rosie and Susannah after taking Rosie to the dog wash first :)

Today I hoped the sun would shine all day - and it did :)

Today I dreamed about my IG crush lol - it was a very strange dream but I'm glad he was in it :)

Today I forgot Susannah had a $100 bill of mine - so it was a nice surprise to remember :)

Today I heard two gorgeous children who were happy to be home from their weekend away :)

Today I said Happy Anniversary to the kids as we arrived in Canada 10 years ago today.

Today I read something in Joeys voice (from Friends) - a message from Jason, and it made me laugh :)

Today I watched My two youngest get overly excited over the chocolate fountain :)

Today I believed Summer could truly last forever :)  It was such a gorgeous day :)

Today I felt tired.  Really REALLY tired, and yet content at the same time :)

Today I wondered What my crazy dreams mean...

Today I bought Tide and Melatonin in the Walmart Anniversary sale.  And fruit etc for the chocolate fountain.

Today I cleaned LOTS of laundry - and the downstairs bathroom.  Tidied up my room and some of the kitchen until Laurence kicked us all out :)

Today I was me.
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