Sep. 16, 2012

Today we celebrate 10 years in Canada :)

Ten years ago today, we left England to start our new lives in Canada.  It was a dreadful day full of stress, disasters with tickets, luggage, immigration etc etc....but in the end we left the airport and drove in two taxi's up Calgary Trail to Downtown Edmonton and to the Edmonton House Suite Hotel - our home for the next 6 or 8 weeks.  

I remember walking into the hotel room and seeing the twinkly lights of Edmonton out of the window - it was like being in New York :)  

Life may not have followed the plan I had in my head, but I will never regret my marriage or relationship with Lloyd - I learned so much from it, and have two GORGEOUS children because of it. 

Lloyd also brought us to this amazing country which is now my home.  I love it here and am sooooo happy here.  For that I will always be grateful to him.

Tonight we celebrated by opening up the new chocolate fountain and having fondue - with strawberries, melon, cake and mini donuts :)  The kids LOVED it :)  

Thank you to my fabulous friend Lorraine for the fountain, which I promise will get lots (far too much sigh...) of use :) 


Susannah chopping one of the melons:

The fountain just getting warmed up:

So excited to dig in:

It was a big hit:

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